-Service Rates-
Sessions for all modalities* of Massage, Energywork, and Bodywork are:

  • $85/hour
  • $105/hour and 15mins
  • $120/hour and a half
  • $150/2 hours

*Children’s and infants’ sessions are $65/hour.


Sometimes, you just need a gentle touch to soothe the nervous system and invite the body to relax. A relaxation/Swedish massage does just that.  Aromatherapy, soothing music, and hot towels are included in this relaxing session designed to melt your stress without digging deeply into your muscles. Your connective tissue/fascia is softened gently, your lymphatic system is stimulated, and your parasympathetic nervous system can come online. Gentle passive stretching is also included in this session.

Deep Tissue:

Deep Tissue massage can mean a lot of things, but one thing it should not mean is significant pain or bruising. Deep Tissue simply refers to working more deeply in the tissues of the body. More pressure is applied slowly and with intention. The muscles are given time to release under the pressure, one layer of muscle at a time. Passive deep stretching is also a part of this session. Other techniques such as Trigger Point, Scraping, and Cupping might accompany this session if it would benefit the client. Hot towels and aromatherapy are included to facilitate relaxation.

Sport Massage:

Massage can help to reduce muscle recovery time by up to 50% when accompanying your athletic training. This massage varies greatly depending on each client’s needs. It might be more brisk and vigorous. It might be very focused and specific. Often, it includes some forms of neuromuscular re-education, passive stretching, and connective tissue work. Techniques such as Trigger Point, Scraping, and Cupping might also be included in this session if they seem appropriate.

Prenatal Massage:

Because of how quickly the human body has to undergo dramatic changes, pregnancy often comes with a handful of common aches and pains that can often be alleviated with massage. Prenatal massage differs from a regular Relaxation or Deep Tissue session because certain cautions must be taken and positioning of the client’s body for safety as well as comfort must be considered throughout the entire duration of a session. Special props are provided to keep you comfortable during your massage, allowing the therapist to apply pressure safely and skillfully. Your comfort is always considered a priority while working out tightness and tension. Passive stretching, hot towels, and a nurturing touch are all part of a Prenatal Massage.