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Ana Leger is a bodyworker and a Lafayette native. She’s been doing Massage & Bodywork since 2008, practicing Yoga since 1999, and teaching Yoga since 2017. She often travels to deepen her education and brings new insights and a fresh perspective back home to her work in Acadiana.

The goal of MBodied Wellness is to offer services that invite clients to feel empowered about their health and wellness by learning more about their bodies. Our bodies are incredible and fascinating and there are choices we can make every day to support our health. We can look at ourselves through different lenses or filters in order to learn about our many layers and in order to overcome our unique obstacles. The services offered by MBodied Wellness draw us into ourselves, into the tangible experience of living in our bodies instead of only in the abstract world of the mind. It is from this place of more conscious embodiment that we can then move forward with a greater awareness of Self that allows and invites us to be responsive rather than reactive to our environment. This is the place from which I believe true holistic living begins, and health and wellness become a normal part of our everyday lives as we live more in harmony with our Self. That is the gift of embodiment.

“I was involved in a serious accident 18 years ago and have had significant neck and back pain ever since. I’ve seen numerous physical therapists, massage therapists, and other professionals in my recovery process. Ana’s work is second to none. She is a true professional and a gifted massage therapist. I consider myself quite fortunate to be her client!”


“After years of searching for a good massage therapist I finally hit the jackpot with Ana!! She’s not only a fantastic body worker, but she’s so knowledgeable about the body and its functioning. I really appreciate her zest for knowledge and how dedicated she is to her craft and always learning more. She has been so helpful in teaching me about my body’s struggles and troubleshooting ways to provide relief from pain and chronic tension. She listens intently to her clients’ concerns and is always willing to answer questions and offer support…. I am so grateful for her and recommend her 1000%!”


“Ana cares deeply about the wellness of her clients. I have experienced both her massage and yoga therapy and always feel like I’m in such good hands.”


“I visit Ana for energy work when I’m feeling disconnected from my body, anxious and stressed or simply for a mind-body recharge. When I leave Ana’s table after an energy healing session, I feel grounded, renewed and refreshed. Ana’s professionalism paired with her unique ability to heal is unmatched, and I can’t recommend her services enough.❤️“


“Ana is an intelligent and intuitive body worker and teacher. She brings a vast amount of knowledge, experience, and compassion to her work!”